Monday, January 10, 2011

1-10-11 Simplicity

Back in the studio today briefly.  This afternoon is the first TCPPA meeting of 2011.  I am anxious to get to the 6 hour meeting and learn something new, get inspired and fellowship with fellow professional photographers.  This is a great group of people and I am honored to get to learn from them and exchange ideas with them.  

As this new year gets going one of my goals for my family is to simplify our lives.  Get rid of stuff we do not need and focus on relationships that are healthy.  This image to me represents that simplicity.  It is just a few simple flowers with nothing competing with them.  The lighting is soft and bright and the focus is just on the flower heads and not the stems.  In shooting this I used only one studio light and one reflector.  I even used my most basic lens, a 50mm prime.  Thanks for stopping by the blog today!  Enjoy your day and stay warm. 

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