Saturday, January 15, 2011

1-14-11 Busted!

I have been busted for NOT posted a picture taken each day of the blog.  I am learning that as a mom of 4 and a person working on a business on my own some days are hard to get the camera out and take a picture.  I will do my best but will have days where is it not going to happen.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I got up, made lunches, got kids and husband out door for school and work, worked out, and then spent the rest of day day cleaning my own bedroom.  Moved bed, vacuumed under it and behind it.  Flipped the mattress (not trivial doing that alone with a king size mattress)  I took down the curtains and ran them through the dryer to get the dust out.  DUSTED EVERYTHING!!!! Cleaned out the bookcases and the list goes on.  I still have the closet to clean out but that is saved for another day.  There is something about cleaning out your bedroom that just makes you feel good!   Now, if we can just keep kids out and keep it clean.  After my great clean, I had to get in the car in the latest snow storm and get the boys from school in Eden Prairie, feed Michael and drop him off at Hyland to snowboard for the evening and then come all the way back to Chaska in VERY bad traffic.   We finally made it home in time to get Andrew ready for a youth group lock in with his friends from school at Grace Church.  While getting him ready to go I had to get ready to go out for the evening on a date with Tim at Wildfire.  What a day.  My evening with Tim at Wildfire was great!  While waiting for a table (45 min wait but well worth it) we ended up sharing a table in the bar with several other couples.  We love meeting new people and find we do every time we go there.  Well, how is that for an excuse as to why I never got around to taking a picture yesterday and why I am using another image from pictures past?  :)  

Today's image is a rather unique one.  At the Landscape Arboretum in Chanhassen every year they have a theme that lasts the entire season.  I believe the theme for the year of the image was Mazes.  If you live around here and go to the Arboretum and remember it being a different theme please post what it actually was.  There are different interpretations by various artists as to the theme.  The artist for this area of the Arboretum has silver balls that filled shaded area under a very large tree.  It was very cool as it sparkled in the sunlight.   When I took this picture there was some sparkle (known by photographers as specular light) that came off the balls but not a lot at the time of day I was there.  I had a star lens filter in my bag of goodies and placed that over my lens and got great light reflecting off the silver balls.   Love out this image came out and hope you enjoy it.   

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