Sunday, January 9, 2011

1-9-11 Breaking the Rules!

I am loving my 365 project!!!  BUT tonight I am breaking my own rules of a new picture taken every day.  This image was taken several years ago. I love to get it out when I want to experiment with new art techniques.  In the image shown I worked it into an oil painting.  I have discovered that when I am stressed out digital painting is a great way to get myself back together, in a way it is "Mommy's Time Out."  I have several programs I use when turning a portrait into a painting.  This image was done in Photoshop CS5.  Another program I use is Corel Painter.  In order to fully get the various paint strokes and brush type correct I will study various artists and their work.  I can spend a lot of time in an art book, looking up artist online and of course the most fun way is to wander through an art museum.  You may see this one again after I have reworked it into something else.

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