Sunday, January 2, 2011

1-2-11 The Gang is all here!

The last day of Christmas vacation winded down today and there was so much to get done. All day I was thinking about what my day 2 image would be. Before I knew it the day had gotten away from me and it was time to go to church in the evening.  I thought maybe I would get a nice shot on the way.   As we were driving to the evening service I remembered that I forgot to bring my camera.  In the rush to get out of the door, my little Canon G10 was left behind.  So in honor of my friends left behind in the camera bag, where they get nothing done, I did a portrait of them when I returned.  Featured in this picture is my Mamiya67 with its Polaroid back, Nikon N80 (film), Canon G10 (my favorite digital point and shoot because it also shoots in manual and RAW), Nikon FM film camera (works great with infra-red film), Canon 40D (what I use for most of my work) and last my Canon 10D (my first digital DSLR that now is a great camera to teach with).  My goal in the next year is to get the Canon MarkD ii 5D to use as my pro camera.   Enjoy your day tomorrow!  Vicky


  1. They are crying out to be used.......

  2. Yes they are. I think it is time to get the darkroom back up and running. I would love to do some stuff in film.