Sunday, January 16, 2011

1-16-11 Good help is hard to find.

Every time I do a portrait session in my studio all the settings on my lights need to be tested.  In my preparation of a session I will make notes on my ideas for the session and set my lights up.  To test my lights I need something or someone to sit for me while I click away and tweek what I need to tweek.  More often then not there is no one around and so I bought a friend/employee.  :)  Pictured below is my friend Bridget.  She is always on time, she never complains and is very cheap labor.  She always listens to MY music and will let me talk on and on and never interrupts.  You got to like that in a friend/employee.   In this portrait there are three shots of her all with slightly different lighting.  You will see her again as I practice different lighting techniques for my CPP exams.  Hope today treated you well. 

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