Monday, January 17, 2011

1-17-11 Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!!

In honor of my sister in law, Sarah, and her birthday - my images today are of her!  I am not sure if she will like me for this or not but I love these pics.  While spending time with her and my niece and nephew in Florida this past summer we had a little fun with the camera on the beach.  What I learned about taking pictures in Florida in the heat of the summer and humidity is camera fog.  As soon as I took the camera out of the bag my lens was so fogged up that you could not see through it.  In order to get these shots and a few more I had to keep wiping down the lens and shoot before it fogged up again.  I have since been clued in on to solve this problem but have not tried it again.   Thank goodness for some very good computer programs that helped me to salvage the images.

Sarah,  Happy Birthday!  I do remember when you were just 14 and running all over the place as a young teenager and very boy crazy.  I really got to know you well that Christmas in England when you were 15 and I was 19,  here's to many more adventures with you!!!!!  Love you!

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