Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1-19-11 Celebrate Coffee

In honor of my Keurig Coffee maker actually working today and providing me with some sanity and coffee this morning, my image today is dedicated to that moment in which my cup was full of dark, rich coffee.  Here's to the coffee drinker whose knows that feeling when you discover you are out of coffee or your coffee maker says NO, I will not provide you with your fix today.   You all know who you are.  Some of you out there know what my day was yesterday and how stressed I was feeling and it all started with a coffee maker that said NO.  Today - it provided and all is well,  is there a connection, probably not but who knows.  I did notice at the end of yesterday that the moon was full, could be something to that as well.  May have to photograph that next.  Enjoy you day and sit and enjoy a good cup of java.  This was taken this morning with natural southern exposure light in my dining room.  Shot is Aperture priority mode using my 50 mm lens at f/1.8....for the few of you that e mail me and ask for the technical stuff.  :)

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